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line ABOUT TIP line

TIP offers an exclusive streetwear clothing line, close to young people and their lifestyle.

TIP, like the tip of an arrow, indicates the direction to follow. The brand logo comes from the name and is formed by two equilateral triangles, one full and one empty, mirroring each other, both with a specific meaning.

The full one represents a stylized arrow and means DIRECTION, just like the definition of TIP.
Tip stands out for the quality of the materials and the attention to detail in the finishes. The garments are created to be mixed, layered and overlapped freely without following pre-established codes.

Precisely for this reason, the young people who wear TIP know what they want and they want to stand out from the crowd, but always having a clear direction to follow.

Tip streetwear clothing

The companies that deal with our production are Italian companies of excellence which have been operating for years in the sector of packaging and the production of high quality clothing.

They are craftsmen who take care of sartorial finishes as only Made-in-Italy can guarantee, respecting a sustainable production cycle that takes place exclusively on our territory.

Each of our garments is delivered with personalized packaging, in a precious box handcrafted exclusively for TIP.

Tip streetwear clothing
Tip streetwear clothing